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8/6/2016 - Medical Resources I found on Reddit

If anyone's come here looking for reputable sources of medical information that doctors use

There are also a number of reputable sources of information for patients that we print out and give during consultations

If you choose to use web-based resources please keep in mind that there is no substitute for seeing a qualified doctor and that medical assistance should be sought.

8/5/2016 - Altspace

Playing around with VR Content in Altspace.


4/21/2016 - Another Empty Month (or two)

So... nothing on the site.  (Rather, nothing visible... I've actually added thousands of lines of code for features that I don't intend to expose very soon.  The reasons for that will remain private for now.)

Working with my wife on a different site -- a set of small business website tools.  She is motivated to start a side business and I'm developing some products related to that.  She is also undergoing some technical training (hooray for her!) so that she can run this business.  Obviously, achievements on a competing project will be the death knell for this site -- at least temporarily.  However, since everything I do (personally, at least) conforms to fairly strict development rules, this site and those products will have opportunity to cross-polinate and enhancements will likely flow in.

2/10/2016 - Updates

Having submitted nothing in over a month, I thought I'd put some notes up.  Here's what's changed

  • Content can be added for all simple data-entry content & media types -- blogs, calendar items, books, games, music, movies, news, web links.
  • Documents can be uploaded, they're stored in the system properly, and can be retrieved.
  • Security tools for managing content have been created, but there are some extant bugs -- mostly because the database changed, and I hard-coded some record identifiers that I shouldn't have.
  • The overall site formatting has been corrected (buggy css removed, excess css removed, css consolidated, some html fixes).

All told, pretty pathetic for a month's work.  In fairness, though, this represents a total of about 6 hours of effort.  The pathetic part, really, is that I haven't put the time in that the site requires.  I think that will be corrected when I get galleries corrected, and make a few decisions on how personalization is going to work on this site.  Things should improve pretty rapidly once I'm actually using this site to publish stuff, because I'll be pressured to fix things and do development.

As a side note, I'm pretty shocked at how buggy my code base is.  There are solid reasons for it (that everyone would understand), but the number of typos and other mistakes I've made vastly exceeds the "none" that I generally expect myself to make.

2/10/2016 - Torrent Tracker

Oh, forgot to mention.  I recoded an open-source PHP torrent tracker in VB.Net, too.  Warrants some testing at this point, but I'm expecting minimal debugging, under the pretense that the original PHP code I studied was working.

12/30/2015 - Development Wishlist

Lots of features are partially implemented, and I have a lot that needs to be done, but I'm just mulling it all over, and I think my priorities are thus:

  1. Finish up all the calendar tools.
  2. Add an image "media type."
  3. Implement a collection for images, to be called a "Gallery"
  4. Integrate the gallery into blog entries, so that images can be included in blog entries.
  5. Figure out what fucking DHTML editor I'm using here.  This obviously isn't the old one I used to use, and it isn't the one I've been using at work, and it doesn't appear to be very feature rich.  Why did I use this?  Do I have shit turned off, or does it not have the same features as other editors?  Do I need to replace it?  Do I need to recode it?
  6. Add an audio "media type."
  7. Integrate audio media into blog entries.
  8. Add a video "media type."
  9. Integrate video into blog entries.
  10. Documents & Files collections.
  11. Add Torrent Tracker, on-demand torrent seeding.
  12. Finish up book / movies / TV show / music collection features.
  13. Site email
  14. Tasks, calendar, contacts, distribution lists
  15. Registration, personal sites, friends, etc.

I think that's roughly the worklist to get "basic social" features of the site finished.  About half this stuff is half done (or more), but I've never had all of these features fully programmed in a .NET version of my web portal.

  1. And let's not forget... authentication timeout issues, oauth, and Disqus integration... Site crashed while I was typing this due to viewstate expiration.
  2. Wow... a lot HTML looks like shit on the homepage, too.  Find out why rich-text from this editor doesn't look good on the homepage.


12/28/2015 - Blog Feature

Data-Enabling Blog.  Don't know why this has taken so long... such an easy thing; had the whole thing created in an hour or so.  Even then, it mostly took a long while because I had so many "threads" dangling in the site, and I wanted to normalize all the content features in terms of fields, collections, lists, editing, and contexts.

5/7/2015 - Sundry Development

Writing a blog that nobody will read for a site that's not done kinda sucks. I guess that's why I'm not doing it. Making massive progress on the user pages, added a torrent tracker, and a special feature for a minor celebrity I like.

3/29/2015 - Adding Content

Developing this new site has been interestingly different for me. For a change, I've focused mainly on doing graphics, styling, and layout work. I've done basic design stuff in the past, but it usually ended up looking pretty bad because I spent minutes on things that should have taken hours. This time, I'm feeling proud of the details.

3/25/2015 - Adding Site Chrome

Re-starting my personal web site.

3/22/2015 - New Hosting

Renewed web hosting. Old site never really re-launched.